Page Count Estimator

Fill in the following information about your manuscript to get an approximate estimate of the number of printed pages it would occupy in Radiocarbon (assuming no changes).
1. Count the total number of words in regular text. (Include title, authors' names and addresses, abstract, full text and figure captions; omit references and tables. You should be able to do this by cut-and-pasting into a document and using your word processor to give you a word count.) Enter the number in the space below:

2. Total number of references:

3. Count the total number of lines in all tables (including both heading and data lines):

4. Calculate the total height of all figures in your paper in either centimeters or inches. Base this total on the estimated size each figure will have when published, *not* on the size you will submit as an original. (For example, a simple bar graph of five values measuring 20 x 20 cm would probably be reproduced at 10 x 10 cm or less.) Total height of figures:
cm inches