Advertising Rates

2015 Prices

Display Ads* Color Ads and Folded Inserts
Inside page Inside back cover Back cover (reserved) Color page Folded inserts
$300/issue $600/issue $1000/issue $1600/issue $300/issue
$1000/volume $2000/volume $3000/volume $5000/volume $900/volume

Radiocarbon reaches libraries, labs, individuals, and institutions in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Australasia. We can help you reach your target market, wherever it is.

We publish full-page (or multipage) advertisements only. We can accept camera-ready copy, film negatives, or digital files. We can also create an ad from supplied text and graphics for a small fee.

*We publish four issues per volume. Advertise in three consecutive issues and get the fourth at a $100–$500 discount (must reserve all three ads at once for discount to apply). Prices are for one-page ads; each additional page is 50% off.

For more information please contact the editors.